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Wellbeing: Take home up to 80% of your billings
World Wellbeing Week 2020


The reality of the traditional legal industry is that you will earn far more for the law firm that employs you than you will ever earn for yourself. That’s how the legal world works. But, what if there was another, very different reality?

At Setfords, our business model allows our consultants to earn far more for themselves than they earn at a firm by building relationships with clients and delivering legal services that keep clients coming back for more. Our firm is structured around our consultants and not senior partners and our fee-share structure based around reward means, the more you achieve, the more significant the remuneration.

Our fee share structure is a split of between 50 –80% depending on how much you’re billing. For example, if you billed £300,000 your fee share would be £210,000. To make the same level of income in a traditional firm, it’s likely you’d have to bill more than £600,000.

There are no hidden costs; our support package covers everything you could need from secretarial support to technical support, from scanning to compliance.

It’s been more successful than I could possibly have imagined.

– Jane Lockyer, Real Estate Consultant

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