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Wellbeing: Make time for the things that matter
World Wellbeing Week 2020

The long hours and high-stress culture of the law industry means too many lawyers spend far too much time in the office and not enough time at home, or out socialising, with the important people in their lives. A workplace poll by the mental health charity Mind found one in six people said strain at work had affected their marriage or relationship. Excessive workload, not enough support and unrealistic targets were cited as the leading causes of that strain.

Our way of operating, where lawyers work for themselves under the umbrella of Setfords, with the indemnity insurance and market-leading support structure that brings, has several key benefits where relationships are concerned, starting with the ability to work from any location of your choice, be that your home, a private office, or even your villa in Spain.

Consultants are their own boss and have only one primary concern; delivering the best service for their clients. But at Setfords that doesn’t mean being tied to a desk in an office. Thanks to our use of technology and our 70-strong support team, you can access everything you need remotely. And that means, as the majority of our consultants do, you can work from home. The benefit of that is, of course, less commuting meaning shorter hours, and therefore more time spent with the people dearest to you.It’s win-win.

It has removed a lot of stress from my life. No commuting, more flexibility, more time with my children.

– Anne Thomas, Consultant

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