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Wellbeing: Improve your health and productivity
World Wellbeing Week 2020


Working for a traditional firm, with so many clients and so little time, there is very little time to spare for a proper break and most people understandably reach for the quickest, easiest food available. The type of food that spikes your sugar levels and leaves you feeling sluggish and hungry again just an hour later.

At Setfords, the majority of our lawyers are based at home either some or all of the time. Therefore, instead of being stuck in an office with the local sandwich bar or vending machine being the only option to get lunch or a snack, our lawyers have the opportunity to make and enjoy their lunch from the comfort of their own home. The good intentions of your weekly shop, with healthy ingredients for balanced meals, actually put to good use.

Being healthier isn’t just crucial to your health; it’s also beneficial to your productivity. When you couple that increased productivity with the greater rewards being a consultant lawyer at Setfords offers, it becomes apparent very quickly that this is a smarter choice. You are in control of your career, and ultimately, that makes it easier to be in control of your diet and therefore your health.

That’s what Setfords gives you,
the flexibility.

– Tom Flatau, Head of Real Estate

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