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Wellbeing: A stress-free model built around you
World Wellbeing Week 2020


The level of stress in the legal sector is well documented; however, it is still a significant issue. The symptoms of stress and a working life that is out of balance can do a lot more than bring on symptoms. If ignored, they can take years off your life.

So how do you ensure you don’t cut your life short, whilst still pursuing the career you used to love…? You become a consultant lawyer with Setfords.

Being a consultant at Setfords allows you to work for yourself under the safety umbrella we provide. Support is continuously available, as well as vital indemnity insurance to allow you to work to the best of your ability, which in turn, eradicates many of the issues typically associated with the stress of working as a lawyer in a traditional firm.

By removing billing targets you ultimately eliminate the long working hours and ensuing exhaustion and stress–an all too familiar experience for those working in traditional firms. By becoming your own boss you can work when and where you want to work.

Not having billing targets has been refreshing. It’s great to be able to set your own personal goals.

– David Taylor, Consultant

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