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Volunteer week at Setfords

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This week is Volunteer Week, and in celebration, we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful people who volunteer their time to help raise awareness and contribute to the many deserving charities. At Setfords, many of our lawyers have been getting involved, and we thought it was important to share some of their efforts with you.

Helen Monson

I have been teaching a 5 session Yoga Nidra Foundation Course (YNFC) free of charge to NHS frontline workers. We recently had a GP in London and a practice nurse attending. I will be running another YNFC starting on 9th June which will also be free of charge to all NHS frontline workers.

Alongside this, I have recently organised a Yoga Nidra online charity event to help relieve stress and anxiety in aid of the Mental Health Foundation. This particular event was led by my Yoga Nidra teacher in India.

Lyndsay Wishart

My 7-year-old daughter announced one day when we were out for our daily walk, that she wanted to raise money for the NHS. We asked her how she was going to do that and, after giving it some thought, she decided she was going to learn a new skill – she was going to learn how to skateboard. My daughter had asked for and was given a skateboard for Christmas. She went on it once on Christmas Day, fell off and, predictably, had refused to go on it since.

Since announcing she was going to raise money for the NHS, she has indeed learnt how to skateboard and is quite good at it and has raised £905 to date for the NHS. One of her sponsors made it a condition of their sponsorship that my husband also learnt how to skateboard. He did not fair as well as my daughter.

Susan Harrison

I have been volunteering for The Trussell Trust (the largest food bank network) as a social media advocate, which involves sharing and posting information online about the Trust and their work and other information about how people can get support during these times.

Sarah Edwards

I recently ran 5km and nominated 5 other people to do the same to raise money for the NHS. Since then, I have run 5km 5 more times and donated each time. Please feel free to check out how much I have raised so far:


Sarah Waddington

We set up a group in our village, making scrubs for the GP practices in the area. I know they have been incredibly grateful.

Michael Cotter

I offered a key worker pro bono advice relating to a contractual dispute; they have been working 18-hour days round the clock in a busy London hospital.

They were being unreasonably chased under a contract – I managed to get the bailiff instructed to stand down, and the alleged debt was consequently written off.

Jeffrey Gilbert

My sons have created posters that we have displayed in our window to show our support for all the hard work the NHS has been doing during the coronavirus.



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