Starting a law firm

Why becoming a consultant lawyer could be a smarter choice than starting a law firm

If you are considering starting a law firm you are probably the type of person who thinks entrepreneurially, believes they are capable of achieving more, wants greater rewards for your tremendous efforts, and wants more control of your career and your life. Consultant lawyers at Setfords Solicitors think the same way and you might want to consider consultancy as an alternative.

Setting up your own law firm requires tremendous financial resources and brings with it great risk, but at Setfords Solicitors we have made the investment so you don’t have to, and you get all the benefits of running your own law firm without any of the risk attached. You earn up to 80% of what you bill, you decide your working hours, you set your own billing targets and you work where you like.

We provide indemnity insurance, we provide all the support you will need from administrative and secretarial services to PR, marketing, web design and compliance. We even have a business development team generating millions of pounds in business for our consultants. Imagine the type of investment you would need to make to achieve that level of support starting up your own law firm. And there is no need to worry about offices – we have 14 offices and meeting room facilities across the country.

The desire to start your own law firm indicates your wish for a better way of working. But before you take the leap consider life as a consultant lawyer at Setfords as a more sensible alternative. Below you will find more information about how we work, interviews with our consultants about life at Setfords, and films about everything from job security to work-life balance.

Uncapped earning potential

Our fee structure is about honouring our commitment to our consultant lawyers to give them the rewards they deserve. At a traditional firm you might expect to take home a third of your billings, at Setfords it can be up to 80%.

What you would earn at Setfords
What you would earn at a normal firm
Yearly billingYour salary at a traditional firm (if you’re lucky)Your fee share at Setfords

The best support in the industry


Our expert team deals with all financial transactions for Setfords, ensuring your clients can be confident their monies are being handled safely.

Business Development

Our executives are responsible for generating millions of pounds in business for our lawyers.


A director-led department overseeing all compliance matters within the firm.

Design Support

Setfords’ designers work across all print and digital platforms, both internally and externally, and assist our lawyers with their own promotion.

Management Support

Our senior team, including M.D. David Rogers, is on hand to offer strategic advice and support to all our lawyers.


Our team are experts in generating business through online channels and can help you plan your own marketing campaign.

Legal Support

We can build a team around our consultants using in-house lawyers, paralegals and trainees.

PR & Communications

We have employed an agency run by a former BBC journalist to promote Setfords’ lawyers across all platforms and within the media.

Reception & Telecoms

Our receptionists are trained to deliver a seamless service no matter where our lawyers are based.


Every piece of post received is scanned and uploaded to our case management system, allowing you to work in a paperless environment if desired.

Secretarial Support

Our highly-trained team is responsible for all typing and document preparation. You dictate, we do the rest.

Technical Support

Our IT team has been with Setfords for 10 years and ensure our remote working systems operate without interruption.

A professional network

As a consultant at Setfords you don’t have to manage teams, but you can be part of one. Our consultants have access to more than 180 other lawyers across multiple disciplines. This gives our consultants the opportunity to better serve their clients because they can confidently cross-refer work to other highly talented lawyers. Our consultants also regularly work in teams to deliver pitches or handle large-scale projects.

  • Over 180 consultant lawyers
  • 50+ disciplines
  • In 47 counties across England and Wales

Benefits of consulting vs traditional:

Uncapped earning potential

earning potential

A better work-life balance

A better
work-life balance

Remote working


Support you can depend on

you can depend on

A network of 180+ lawyers

A network of
180+ lawyers

What our lawyers think about being a consultant at Setfords

The financial rewards of being a Setfords consultant

Our managers and our lawyers explain the financial benefits of consultancy.

The support provided to Setfords consultant

Our support team offer an insight into the services they offer consultants, from PR and marketing to business development and sales.

Work-life balance as a Setfords consultant

From flying aeroplanes to spending time with family, our consultant lawyers explain how they have benefited from a better way of working.

Joanna Abrahams

“Working at Setfords has changed my life immeasurably, I’m a lot happier.”

Joanna Abrahams – Consultant & Head of Family
Joined 2011

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Nigel Cragg

“I wanted a greater work-life balance and a shorter commute. Consultancy at Setfords offered that.”

Nigel Cragg – Consultant & Head of Personal Injury
Joined 2015

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Michael Edwards

“I wanted to free up more time to focus on client work and joining Setfords as a consultant allowed me to do that.”

Michael Edwards – Consultant (Corporate & Commercial)
Joined 2015

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