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Six Useful Tips For Working From Home

Six Useful Tips For Working From Home

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With over 200 remote working lawyers and a business model that has spanned over 13 years, we have outlined 6 useful tips to help you make working from home a success.

1. Stick to your workspace

Stick to your workspace

Having a formal set space to work is essential to make sure you are utilising your time properly. By clearing away distractions, your working sessions will become far more productive and shorter in length.

2. Plan your time

Plan your time

By planning your day, you can see what tasks need to be prioritised and focus your efforts on those with a higher level of urgency. This will help to not only maintain your focus but by implementing deadlines, you will minimise distractions.

3. Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks

By scheduling and taking frequent breaks, you will avoid burning yourself out and ensure that the time you spend working remains productive. Not all breaks have to be long; it can be as short as walking away from your computer and making a cup of tea. However, it is also important not to cut your breaks short either. Just because you are not in the office, doesn’t mean you have to sit at your desk during your usual lunch break.

4. Keep Connected

Keep Connected

Communication between colleagues is the most challenging thing to maintain while working remotely. However, there are multiple tools available today to ensure that communication remains intact, e.g. social media, phone calls and email.

5. Take time for yourself

Take time for yourself

It is important to remember to take time for yourself whether this is taking time out and committing to your fitness routine or spending time with your family. With increased flexibility, you can ensure you are not missing out on life’s important moments.

6. Know when to log off

Know when to log off

Arguably knowing when to log off is one of the most challenging aspects of remote working. It is essential to be strict and once you log off for the day to leave notifications and emails until the next day. It is very easy to carry on working and you can find yourself working ridiculous hours before too long.

By maintaining a similar mindset as you would in the workplace, you will find yourself more focused and as a result, more productive.

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