Improve Your Health: Become A Consultant Solicitor At Setfords

Reasons to become a consultant solicitor at Setfords… #4 You’ll be healthier

Anyone who works in a traditional law firm will tell you that, bar sitting down in a restaurant with a client, lunch is spent at your desk.

With so many clients and so little time, you can’t spare an hour for a proper break and chances are you’ll have chosen the quickest, easiest food available – the kind of food that’s going to quickly provide you with the energy you need to deliver on the unrealistic billing targets you’ve been set. The kind of food that spikes your sugar levels, adds inches to your waistline, and leaves you sluggish and hungry again just an hour later. Don’t just take my word for it, a study by The Co-operative Food in 2012 found that 74% of office workers admitted to consuming far more food at work than they ever would do at home, with chocolate, crisps, biscuits and cake the biggest temptation. You don’t need to be told the impact a poor diet can have on your physically – obesity, heart disease, the list goes on. But imagine if instead of being stuck in an office with the local sandwich bar or vending machine being your only option to get lunch or a snack, you had the opportunity to make your lunch at home? Imagine if the good intentions of your weekly shop, when you stacked your fridge with healthy ingredients for balanced meals, were actually put to good use. In other words, imagine being a consultant solicitor at Setfords. The majority of our lawyers are based at home either some or all of the time. Working under our umbrella and benefiting from our 50-strong support team and indemnity insurance, they are able to effectively work for themselves. Imagine that. Imagine being your own boss and having control of your life and your career. And then imagine earning more money. That’s the reality. And then, finally, imagine being healthier. And being healthier isn’t just beneficial to your health. It’s also beneficial to your productivity. A study reported in the British Journal of Health Psychology revealed the more fruits and vegetables people consumed the happier, more engaged and more creative they tended to be. When you couple that increased productivity with the greater rewards being a consultant lawyer at Setfords offers, it becomes obvious very quickly that this is a smarter choice. With Setfords you can earn up to 80% of what you bill, you decide where and when you work, and you decide how many clients you have. You are in control of your career, and ultimately, that makes it easier to be in control of your diet and therefore your health. Chris Setford Chris Setford CEO, Setfords Solicitors Find out more about becoming a consultant lawyer at Setfords by getting in touch here.

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