4/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

4/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

With it being the final week of National Pet Month, we have one more blog for you featuring our consultants’ pets. This awareness month aims to educate people on the reality of pet ownership.

The charity National Pet Month has set out a list of tips to help everyone considering getting a pet make the right decision. We thought it was important to share these:

  1. Think carefully before getting a pet and learn about its requirements
  2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained
  3. Provide a nutritious and well-balanced diet
  4. Provide suitable housing and bedding
  5. Clean up after your pet and worm it regularly
  6. Protect against disease
  7. Prevent unwanted litters and neuter your pet when appropriate
  8. Groom your pet frequently
  9. Control your pet and ensure it is properly identified
  10. Take out pet insurance for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to cover against unexpected veterinary fees and third-party liability

Without further ado, please enjoy the last of our consultants’ pet pictures!

Zahrah Aullybocus

Zahrah and her family have two different fish tanks full of colourful fish named by her children after cartoon characters. Initially, it was just the one tank, but her daughter managed to persuade her husband into buying a big tank for her bedroom. The fish have 20 baby fish at a time which need to be caught quickly to prevent them from being eaten by the bigger fish.

Susie Brooks – Jake, Coco and Minstel

Meet Susie’s animal, Jake the smiley border collie and Coco and Minstrel the always sleeping cats. These animals make even Susie’s toughest cases easier just by being around!

Paul Puxon – Charlie the Bichon Frisee

Charlie is 13 months old and is the best cure for stress to his owner Paul. His favourite resting place is on the chair (most comfortable) next to Paul’s desk and he loves vanilla ice cream.

Heather Pastor

Heather breeds and shows New Forest Ponies as well as bringing on young Highland ponies (now officially a rare breed), and occasionally acts as show judge for local shows. She has lots of cats and often wonders how on earth she has time for all of this, including work.

Sarah Edwards – Teddy

Meet Teddy the Cockapoo. Teddy is very active and requires a lot of exercise. Being able to work from home has allowed Sarah to have the dog that she’s always wanted. The pair go for two walks a day without it disrupting Sarah’s work. He also likes to sit on Sarah’s lap when I’m working. He sometimes lies across her keyboard when she’s trying to work as he always wants attention.

Don’t worry, there are many more photos to see!
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A Big Thank You

To all of our nationwide Consultant Lawyers, we want to share our appreciation for taking out the time to get involved and provide such a wonderful response to this great cause.

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