3/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

3/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

As you may or may not be aware, this month is National Pet Month. We are sure they many if not all of you reading this spend the year spoiling your pets, but what better excuse to give them even more attention than for National Pet Month!

We have briefly discussed the aims of National Pet Month previously, but the charity uses this opportunity every year to highlight the mutual benefits of living with a pet as well as encourage responsible pet ownership.

With this in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the amazing relationships our consultants have with their pets.

Georgie Salvage – Buster, Misty, Polly and Billie

Georgie has four dogs; Buster (Lemon Cocker), Misty (black cocker), Polly (Jack Russel/Westie cross) and Billie (Labrador). Working at Setfords has allowed Georgie to bring her dogs to work with her. All are they are very popular with clients. Generally, Polly comes with Georgie to work but Billie the lab has not quite worked out that she cannot fit in Polly’s bed.

Sasha Jacques – Travis

Travis is Sasha’s 9-month-old Cockerpoo. She describes him as “the best work colleague ever”. He makes Sasha take a break to play with him and equally knows the word ‘work’ when he happily settles down for a rest. He can sometimes be a little vocal when she’s on the phone, but her clients love to hear all about him!

Carol Lee

Although Carol describes herself as “pet less”, she is surrounded by amazing wild animals on the Isle of Arran. The island is renowned for the “Big Five” (seals, otters, golden eagles, stags and red squirrels). The seals (often in the bay outside of her house) are her favourite, and she has told us that it is a great stress reliever to take a five-minute breather by the sea watching nature.

Sharan Chohan – Cashew

When Sharon first rescued Cashew he had stitches in his arms, his teeth knocked out and he was very skinny. They believe he had been used as bait previously and was going to be put down. Today Cashew lives a very different life and he loves that Sharon is a consultant at Setfords! Cashew has been promoted to “office dog” and he has been working on his admin skills!

Ailsa Pemberton – Tabitha, Immy and Esme

Ailsa has three cats; Tabitha the tabby, Immy and Esme. They are all little Mummy’s girls and follow Ailsa everywhere. Her fish and plants do not appreciate their virtues and she believes they are definitely more adorable when asleep than up to monkey business (we aren’t sure we agree with her!), but Ailsa admits she wouldn’t change them for the world. Since Ailsa works from home, they make the place seem full, although their eagerness to sit on her laptop when she is working is ever so slightly counterproductive.

Don’t worry, there are many more to follow!
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