1/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

1/4 – Our Consultant Lawyers Share Their Love for Animals During National Pet Month

Every year, the charity National Pet Month helps raise awareness for responsible pet ownership across the UK. Many of our consultant lawyers are big animal lovers and wanted to share in this great cause.

From dogs and cats to turtles and the occasional muntjac, our lawyers have shared some heart-warming pics and funny stories that we couldn’t resist sharing with you. Happy National Pet Month!

Tanya Thomas – Gruff

Meet Gruff (Pronounced “Griff”) the ten-year-old Chocolate Labrador. Before Tanya joined Setfords, she had to get up ridiculously early to walk him before work and resorted to paying dog walkers. She is now able to walk him every day around mid-morning. Gruff fancies himself quite the comedian and manages to make Tanya laugh every day!

Natalie Turner –Pippy, Petal, Gingerman, Bunty (+more)

Natalie has rescued two muntjacs (Pippy and Petal), one of which has 3 legs. Their household also consists of 4 cats, one of which is named Gingerman, a German pointer called Bunty, 3 Harris hawks, 20 Koi carps, 20 chickens and have recently rescued a kestrel until his wing heals. Working at Setfords from home as opposed to a conventional office has allowed Natalie to spoil her animals with love and spend time with them.

Ciara O’Kane – Charlie

Charlie is a miniature Yorkshire terrier who turned 15 years old on Valentines Day! He has a few slight ailments but mostly fancies himself as a young pup. Ciara sent us a whole bunch of cute and hilarious pictures of him, so we picked the best ones to show you.

Carol Hill – Portia the cat

Carol has an elderly tortoiseshell cat named Portia, who arrived on her doorstep around 17 years ago as a stray kitten. Today Portia spends much of her day with Carol in her study. Whilst Carol works, Portia is usually asleep on the back of the sofa. Portia and Carol often have long conversations about complicated matters and what action Carol should take. Although Carol doesn’t get much feedback on that, she does give unconditional love – as long as biscuits are involved. Here is a picture of Portia telling Carol that she need to stop work and get her tea!

Don’t worry, there are many more to follow!
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