Work life balance

The ideal work-life balance looks different for everyone. Whether you want to work flexible hours to fit around school pick-up, take off regular time for travelling, be available at weekends to suit your clients, or even stick to the 9-5, nothing is out of reach at Setfords.

We encourage our consultants to fit their work around their life, not the other way around. Our model means that there are no set working hours or expectations to be in the office. Without billing targets, consultants can choose the amount of work that they take on, making it easy to find time for everything outside of work that makes life so great!

Happy Lawyers, Happy Clients

At Setfords we know that, in order to do their best work, lawyers need to be happy in their roles. That’s exactly why we do what we do. The model is here to provide lawyers with what they need to thrive, so that they can serve their clients better. And work-life balance is a pivotal part of this. Our lawyers have the freedom to take control of their lives and embrace a balance, whatever this may look like to them.

Sonal Rabheru

Sonal Rabheru

Consultant Solicitor

Consultancy gives me a better work-life balance because I’m able to work from home. I no longer spend time travelling to and from work. With no set targets, I can choose how much work I take on, so I am completely in control of my time. I’ve been incredibly busy since working at Setfords, so I tend to work a lot still. However, I have found that my work-life balance has improved, and every day at lunchtime, I now manage to go out for a walk. As I work from home I also get to see more of my family and spend dinner time together everyday

David Miers

David Miers

Consultant Solicitor

Not only do I now have happier clients, but also a healthier work-life balance. A true win-win. I now have time to play golf and tennis and attend the gym, which I struggled to find time to do previously. The only things that are important are family, health and happiness. It was a case of working out what I needed to do to achieve that and working backwards from there.

Tracey O'Dwyer

Tracey O’Dwyer

Consultant Solicitor

My favourite thing about Setfords is the total flexibility. I can live my life how I want to live it, I feel like I’m in control, and I’m here when the children need me to be. I now never have to miss any event that my children are involved in due to work. I can now do things that would not have been possible working in a traditional firm, I’ve been here, there and everywhere, and my children haven’t missed out.

Chris Sexton

Christopher Sexton

Consultant Solicitor

My favourite thing about Setfords is the flexibility and that I can work as and when I want to with whom I wish to work. I have the choice, and I’m now my own boss. I wanted to be able to fit my work into my life, not my life into my work, and I found that with Setfords, it enables me to do that

Innovation in client acquisition award

Industry leaders in their field

Setfords has been recognised as the best in its field at the way it secures new clients through innovation, in The Lawyer Business Leadership Summit & Awards 2016.

Excellence in Marketing and Communications

Commitment to excellence

Setfords has been awarded by the Law Society for its innovative and creative use of marketing and communications in the Law Society Excellence Awards 2017.



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