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The Setfords story

Be part of our success

The secret to Setfords’ incredible growth and continued success is investment – in our support structure, our staff and our consultant lawyers. We understand that in order to be the best you have to build solid relationships that last and that’s about delivering what you promise and exceeding expectations. We first started doing that 10 years ago, and we’re still doing it today.

Setfords celebrating 10 years
Setfords 2006 - The beginning


The beginning

Setfords starts life as a traditional firm in Guildford, but founder Guy Setford starts to consider another way of working that could offer additional benefits – an approach to law that would give lawyers more flexibility and enable them to offer an even more personal service.

Setfords 2009 - Pioneering a new way of working


Pioneering a new way of working

The Setfords dispersed model is born and incorporated into the firm as Guy is joined by his cousin Chris Setford. As joint CEOs they set about investing hundreds of thousands of pounds in technology and a support team. The firm will see double-digit growth every year that follows.

Setfords 2013 - Success breeds success


Success breeds success

Setfords grows even faster than Guy and Chris predicted and the firm moves into bigger offices. Setfords now has more than 75 consultant lawyers. Over the next three years turnover will double.

Setfords 2016 and beyond - the next chapter

2016 and beyond

The next chapter

As Setfords enters its 10th year with over 160 consultant lawyers, it’s time to expand again. The firm opens offices on Chancery Lane – the heart of the legal district – under the name Setfords London.

Setfords London is the part of our company dedicated to our London-based and international clients. Spread across two floors on the prestigious Chancery Lane, the office includes three board rooms, more than 20 hot desks, and an executive lounge and entertainment area.

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