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Setfords isn’t just about the best support and the best rewards, it’s also about working with the very best. Throughout Setfords you will find lawyers for whom excellence is the only standard they understand. So whether you’re a property lawyer looking for a commercial litigator or an employment lawyer looking for someone who can advise on corporate governance, you can be confident that when you refer a client they will get the same standard of legal advice that you deliver.

It’s been more successful than I could possibly have imagined.

Jane Lockyer – Real Estate Consultant, London

A professional network

As a consultant at Setfords you don’t have to manage teams, but you can be part of one. Our consultants have access to more than 200 other lawyers across multiple disciplines. This gives our consultants the opportunity to better serve their clients because they can confidently cross-refer work to other highly talented lawyers. Our consultants also regularly work in teams to deliver pitches or handle large-scale projects.

  • Over 200 consultant lawyers
  • 50+ disciplines
  • In 47 counties across England and Wales
Joanna Abrahams

“Working at Setfords has changed my life immeasurably, I’m a lot happier.”

Joanna Abrahams – Consultant & Head of Family
Joined 2011

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Nigel Cragg

“I wanted a greater work-life balance and a shorter commute. Consultancy at Setfords offered that.”

Nigel Cragg – Consultant & Head of Personal Injury
Joined 2015

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Michael Edwards

“I wanted to free up more time to focus on client work and joining Setfords as a consultant allowed me to do that.”

Michael Edwards – Consultant (Corporate & Commercial)
Joined 2015

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John Newell

“The attraction of being a consultant was being able to do my work where and when it suited me.”

John Newell – Consultant (Litigation)
Joined 2016

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David Taylor

“After six years of this way of working it’s easy to take it for granted. It has changed my life.”

David Taylor – Consultant (Residential Property)
Joined 2010

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Anne Thomas

“It has removed a lot of stress from my life basically. No commuting, more flexibility, more time with my children.”

Anne Thomas – Consultant (Family Law)
Joined 2016

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The support structure at Setfords is not just about meeting the needs of our consultant solicitors, but going far beyond their expectations…

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