Earnings that reflect your worth

Say goodbye to targets

Being a consultant solicitor should be about taking control, of both your career and your life. That is why at Setfords we have created a way of working that gives solicitors the freedom to make their own choices and recognises achievement. We don’t set billing targets, so our solicitors decide how many clients they have and how many hours they want to work. Our pioneering fee-share structure acknowledges achievement – the more you bill the greater the rewards. If you have grander ambitions and perhaps want to be involved in business development, or maybe run your own department or team, we can help you achieve that too.

Uncapped earning potential

Our fee structure is about honouring our commitment to our consultant lawyers to give them the rewards they deserve. At a traditional firm you might expect to take home a third of your billings, at Setfords it can be up to 80%.

What you would earn at Setfords

What you would earn at a normal firm

Yearly billingYour salary at a traditional firm (if you’re lucky)Your fee share at Setfords



Other benefits

Working at Setfords is not just about the financial rewards.

With one of the largest networks of lawyers across the country, you’ll have the opportunity to build important relationships within the Setfords network that will provide an opportunity for you to cross refer work, win work, work in teams and benefit from a collegiate environment.

To promote this, the firm holds social events throughout the year, offering consultants a chance to let their hair down and spend time with their colleagues outside an office environment. Afterall, it’s not all work, work, work.



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