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Father’s Day at Setfords


In celebration of Father’s Day, we thought we would take the time to mention some of our wonderful lawyers and their families here at Setfords. For many, making the move to Setfords has offered the opportunity to spend more time with family and experience life in a way that most traditional law firms can only dream of offering. From funny stories to touching moments, this blog explores the reality of family life for Setfords consultants.

David and his wife Stephanie on a nature walk with their children Joshua and Georgia.

David Miers

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I am a father to two little rug rats, Joshua, who is 2.5 and Georgia, who is approaching 6 months. One of the best bits about working at Setfords is that I am no longer a ‘weekend dad’ meaning I get to spend more quality time with them during the week, which is priceless. They are growing up so fast already, but I’ve been involved in far more special moments than I would have been but for my role at Setfords. My wife, Stephanie, is also a consultant at Setfords, and when she returns from maternity leave, she knows that her return can be on her terms which suit the family, which is great.

It has been a battle keeping Joshua from appearing on various video calls during the lockdown, but when he has made an appearance, it has often given us a funny moment. Our favourite things to do are to go on family walks in the woods, have barbeques in the back garden when it’s sunny and to pull funny faces on snap chat. Please don’t judge me!

Peter and his wife on a country walk with their daughter Isla.

Peter Booker

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By way of a funny story, when my daughter (Isla) first started walking, she was (and still is to this day) completely in love with the printer. The moment that she heard it start printing, she would run over to collect the printing and then bring it to me ready for filing, gaining her the title of my little assistant. When she is not helping out in the office, one of her favourite books to walk around with (and attempt to destroy!) is my copy of the Conveyancing Handbook. Got to start her off early…

Ryan with his two sons, Reuben and Seb.

Ryan Hill

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As a newly started consultant, I have been working out the challenges of working from home. During lockdown, both boys have had chickenpox, and Reuben has gotten his first two teeth. Seb has mastered the notion of me working in my office but still likes to make it his mission to come find me if he hears me on a call. It is a work in progress!

Maria’s husband David with their son Zachary.

Maria Schultz and her husband David

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This is my lovely husband, David, with our fantastic 7-year-old son, Zachary – who decided it was better to make a picture for Dad on Father’s Day, rather than spend any money! We’ve trained him well.

Tom with his two daughters.

Tom Mitchell

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What the image doesn’t show is Dad trying to sneak some work in whilst mum (a keyworker) is out at her school, the phone ringing, the girls vying for attention, the cat being sick on the floor, and somebody thumping on the door with a delivery. Fortunately, the delivery was wine, and I remain a very happy dad with two content girls (John, the cat was also fine!).

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